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European Facial

European Facial Treatments in Houston, TX

If you want clear, beautiful, smooth skin, consider booking a European facial treatment at Sousan Med Spa in Houston, TX. European facials immediately improve the skin, making it look renewed and youthful. This kind of facial is excellent for white head removal, black head removal, and even embedded dirt under the skin. Your face will be relieved from all stress and tension, increasing blood circulation and a pure glow. European facials detoxify the skin, and make it healthy once again!

What happens during a European facial treatment?

  • Cleansing:  First, we remove excessive oil, makeup and dirt from the face.
  • Extraction: Next, we'll remove white heads, black heads and other impurities. Our spa professionals use a magnifying glass for this process. Pimples are also treated at this stage.
  • Exfoliation:  After pimples, black heads, and white heads are removed, we exfoliate the skin. The older and dead skin cells are removed by using chemical and mechanical devices.
  • Facial Mask: A Golden caviar face mask will be applied to the face, according to the skin type. Oily, dry, sensitive, or combination.
  • Massage: Finally, a European facial treatment ends with massaging the face, neck and shoulders. It helps relieve tension and promotes blood circulation.

Relaxing & Revitalizing Facial Treatments

All products we use for our European facial treatments are from France. You can trust Sousan Med Spa to stock high quality, premier facial products. All of our facial treatments are done with special care and attention. Treat yourself to a relaxing, rejuvenating European facial treatment today by booking an appointment at our salon in Houston, TX!

European Facial Treatments Houston, TX
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